Car Park in the dunes – and where the money goes..

The car park will remain available for use during the winter months,   but please bear with us, the harsh weather plays havoc with the surface.  We will be working  late Winter and Spring 2019/20 to repair the damage to the car park  caused by heavy usage over the summer season and weather damage over…

coast care

Our friends at Coast Care are giving a helping hand on the Common this summer and Autumn they have made inroads into the pernicious weed problem various volunteer groups have given their time to pulling weeds out around the pond area.    


The AGM at the Hindmarsh Hall was very informative, it gave The Burgage Holders Committee members who were able to attend food for thought and some valuable information to take back to the rest of the committee.    

Spring 2019

  It was an absolute pleasure working in the sunshine on the Common today, Mondays are our busy day we can be seen out and about buzzing around in the ATV loaded up with our gear for the day’s jobs. We have taken advice from “the experts” and  can now look forward to the beach…

Christmas Eve

To mark the arrival of Christmas Eve the Burgage Holders lit the beacon on Bracken Hill, this may be the beginning of a new tradition in the Burgage calendar.  

World War One

FIRST WORLD WAR MEMORIAL TRAIL 1st – 30th of November 2018 FIRST WORLD WAR MEMORIAL TRAIL To mark the centenary anniversary of the end of World War One The Burgage holders of Alnmouth Common, in collaboration with The Local History Society are, for the month of November, placing plaques around Alnmouth Common forming a walking…


  The judging for the Young Photographer Competition organised by the Alnmouth Burgage Holders and Alnmouth Post Office. took place on Tuesday 18th September the winners were as follows: Age 2 – 6:  Cicely Kewell Age 7 – 10:  Evelyn Kewell Age 11 – 13:  Olivia Hands Age 14 – 16:  Maisy Child   The…


A great job being done, spraying kills the weeds and we get the tractor onto the job to cut them down,  a bit different from the days when the Bugage Holders “employed a youth to cut down the yellow tops” by hand.  And what a lovely backdrop to the day’s work.  Unfortunately the finishing off…