Charitable Giving

Our Charitable Giving Policy

The Burgage Holders provide support to a wide range of charities, community organisations and individuals each year through charitable giving.  Requests are limited to those community organisations and individuals whose permanent address is within the Parishes of Alnmouth, Hipsburn and Lesbury, – consideration may be given to those individuals who have grown up in Alnmouth or those who still have strong family connections/close family members who have grown up and are still living in the village.

Applications for donations must be made via our funding request form, either online or by printing off the form and sending it to the address on our website.

Donation requests from community organisations and individuals must be supported by a breakdown of financials involved and evidence to back this up.

Applicants must show, where applicable, that additional funds have been raised to supplement any donation from the Burgage Holders.

Applicants must provide a commitment to provide feedback in the way of a written report or presentation, with imagery where applicable, within three months of the event for which the donation was given.

Donation amounts for community organisations and individuals are limited to £500 per request and are based on the above criteria and individual merit.

Charitable organisations within North Northumberland must apply for donations using the on-line form or by printing off the form and sending it to the address provided on our website,  donation amounts to registered charities, although not limited to £500 are assessed on individual merit

Our Charitable Giving does not extend to Businesses other than registered not-for-profit local charitable causes.

Donation requests can take up to 8 weeks to process.

Donation Request Form

Purpose of donation and date of event where applicable (describe how this donation will be used max 500 words).