Welcome to Alnmouth

Welcome to our website, we hope it will give you an insight into one of the most beautiful villages in The U.K. (in our opinion) and what our role as The Burgage Holder’s of Alnmouth Common means in the modern world

The Burgage Holders of Alnmouth Common

The world is changing and these are challenging times, with the insistence of clarity within our public bodies and possible changes afoot as we leave our European cousins.

The ancient obligations of the Burgage Holders of Alnmouth Common are changing too and we are attempting to rise to the challenge of our role in modern day Alnmouth whilst holding true to our core beliefs.

Our new website will, we hope, make interested parties aware of the work we do, not only in conservation and maintenance of the common land, but how we support local charities and village organisations.

Take a moment to browse our website, it too will be ever changing, as we get used to modern technology we will be able to bring you up to date with both Village and Burgage happenings and news on a regular basis.


The Burgage Holders of Alnmouth Common like to work closely with both local and national environmental groups and Government agencies in an effort to preserve and promote natural habitat encouraging species of wild life to flourish on the common land. At the moment we are working on improving the marshland with the help of the A.N.O.B.  You will have noticed that some areas have been cleared making way for new Spring growth.  Keep an eye out to see if  our specially created habitat is attracting more wild life.

Our Community

Alnmouth has a strong active community, with both a boat club and a rowing club, a popular village Golf club, a busy village hall, a well supported W.I. a camera club and autumn club. For the young there is a scout group and a youth club, we are a busy village throughout the year with many annual events and celebrations bringing locals and holiday makers together.